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Introduction Week

Date: January 8, 2017
Title: Believe Introduction
Main Point: Living the story of the Bible to become like Jesus
This Week’s Life Rhythm Focus: Overview of all three rhythms: Up, In, and Out.

Summary from the Weekend Gathering

We have spent the last year looking at the life of Jesus. We observed how He interacted with different segments of society, His miracles, the claims He made about Himself, and His relationship with those that would carry His message to the world. Following Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, His followers proclaimed His message leading many to faith in Jesus. How did they do it? In large part, it’s because they truly believed to the point it impacted how they thought, what they did, and who they became. They became disciples who made disciples. Today, we begin the same journey of becoming like Jesus and leading others into relationship with Him.

Think About It

As we step into Believe, we will be spending time introducing you to three rhythms in your life that will help you grow as a disciple of Jesus.

They are as follows:

Rhythm Circles

We will explain more about these rhythms as we work through Believe but for now we want to invite you to do a quick self-evaluation of how you perceive yourself to be living these rhythms in your life. Note: There are multiple ways in which to measure these rhythms but for now, this will serve as a starting point by which you can track your progress at different points during your journey.

Evaluate yourself in the following categories:

I attend Weekend Gatherings at Journey (predominantly the UP and IN rhythms):

  • Every weekend
  • Every other weekend
  • Once a month
  • Once every couple of months

I spend personal time pursuing Jesus (predominantly the UP rhythm through reading, praying, solitude, worshipping, etc.):

  • Everyday
  • Several times a week
  • Once a week
  • Rarely

I spend time in close community with other followers of Jesus (predominantly the IN rhythm):

  • I am an active part of a missional community at Journey
  • I am part of a missional community, but seldom go
  • Once a week – I have attended some environments beyond the weekend gathering, but am not connected
  • I haven’t made any steps to connect with other believers outside the weekend

Proclaiming Jesus to others through word and deed (predominantly the OUT rhythm):

  • I share my faith in Jesus with someone every week
  • I share my faith in Jesus occasionally
  • I rarely share my faith in Jesus
  • I do not feel comfortable publicly sharing my faith in Jesus

Spend a minute or two evaluating your ratings. As you look at how you rated yourself, which rhythm is revealed as your strongest? Which one is revealed as your weakest?

What has contributed to the rhythm you identified as the strongest? What barriers stand in the way of you improving in the rhythm(s) you identified as weakest?

Act On It

As you look at how you rated yourself and some potential barriers, what are some things you would like to change over the coming months? Success in changing the area(s) you have identified is not automatic or accidental. It involves a little work and some strategy. Take some time to dream and think a little and then write down some steps you can take to move forward.

Prepare to Engage

Whether it is exercising, studying, or remembering something, a very effective way in accomplishing a goal is by making yourself accountable to someone. Make it a point to share with your MC what steps you are taking to move forward while giving them permission to ask you how you are doing.

Prior to your MC, take some time looking through pages 1-5 of Believe to become familiar with the resource. Also, take a few minutes to write out some expectations you have for yourself and for life in your MC.

Take Notes

You can use the form below to take notes while reading through the Disciple’s Playbook. Fill in your e-mail address and notes and when you hit ‘Send’, you’ll receive a copy of your notes in your e-mail inbox. Please allow a few minutes for the notes to show up. If your notes do not show up, please e-mail

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